Book Review: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

red queen capt

The gods rule us still. They have come down from the stars. And they are no longer kind.

5 / 5 stars

I read Red Queen sometime in late 2017, though I’ve seen it on the stands for quite some time now. That’s why I decided to read it: I wanted to see why everyone loves it, why it’s getting so much attention. I mean, it couldn’t be that awesomazing, right? My first thought about seeing the cover of Red Queen is that it’s about a bloody woman who wants to have a bloody revenge and claim bloody power. Turns out it was quite the opposite.

Red Queen is the story of Mare Barrow, a girl coming from a poor Red family. An unexpected turn of events lead her into the royal palace of the dominating Silvers. As she hides secrets of her own, she weaves her way through the palace’s hallways and court, which hold more secrets than she had ever known.

This book. This beautiful, gorgeous, heartbreaking book. It gave me the feels, the magic. This isn’t the story of some bloody story. It’s bloody brilliant.

A normal-paced book, Red Queen has one of the most unique plots yet. It features stuff that bookworms would love: the shock of betrayal, the pain of forbidden love, the dilemma of choosing what feels good and what is good, the state of poverty, the abused power of superiors, brothers fighting not only for the crown but for romance as well, and of course, the lengths that people would do to fight for change. Red Queen has it all, and so much more. Victoria Aveyard’s writing is amazing, she is very aware of the readers’ need for the right amount of descriptions, actions, speeches, and thought. I find that I hang on to every word. It’s just so good, this book.

i love reading gilmore girls GIF

Whatever happiness I felt before is completely gone. I can’t bring myself to look back, to see him standing there in fine clothes, dripping with ribbons and medals and the royal airs I hate.

The characters captured my heart the moment they first appeared, especially Mare. I admire her bravery, her selflessness. Aveyard has created a great set of well-built characters with personalities that are so much like our own. 

And then of course, let’s not forget red Queen’s air of courage and royalty and power. The cover itself says it all, blood staining a royal silver crown. The red blood that stained the silver gleam of royalty. This book taught me that nothing is predictable, that what you have thought was your best friend could turn out to be your worst enemy. It taught me that there is a dark side to every story, especially this one.

This book is capable of making you feel stronger. Yes, literally. Ever listened to your History teacher? Ever heard him teach about the weakness wars can bring, and about the different measures people have gone through and would still endure just to fight for their rights? 

You believe you are the masters of the world, but your reign as kings and gods is at an end. Until you recognize us as human, as equal, the fight will be at your door. Not on a battlefield but in your cities. In your streets. In your homes. You don’t see us, and so we are everywhere. And we will rise, Red as the dawn.

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This book is inspiring, Mare’s courage tells the story of hears toughened by poverty but strengthened by hope. Hope for a better future, hope for a future where equality exists and Red and Silver are nothing but colors. Red Queen brings you a kind feeling, a nice feeling, in fact, where you feel like hey, you’re strong and awesome and nothing can bring you down. That feeling, is probably one of the reasons why Red Queen is one of my favorite books. 

Let me tell you what really happened while I was reading Red Queen. I read it after picking it up from the bookstore. I loved the first chapter, so I read the second one, then the third one, and so on, until I couldn’t stop. Until my head is buried into the book itself. And I could say I was in another world.

The world-building is amazing, too. Honestly, Victoria Aveyard is good at everything when it comes to writing books that makes us cry and scream our fangirl thoughts into a pillow. 

I’m too amazed by my surroundings, the tan stone and glittering mosaic floor of this forgotten hall in the house of a king.

The author has built her settings with specific descriptions, readers can easily visualize the setting as though they are in the story itself.

Anyone can betray anyone.

Did I also mention that the quotes are sooo good as well? They really are. You know, the kind of quotes that make you want to caption it on your Facebook profile picture or make a dozen bookmarks of it even though you know you’re horrible at photoshop and artsy stuff. 

And then, of course, there’s the hangover. I don’t think I will ever move on from this book. I highly recommend Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. If you’re a huge fan of fantasy and royalty and power, then this is the book for you. Happy Reading!


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