Book Review: A Map for Wrecked Girls by Jessica Taylor


For the first time, I was afraid we’d die on this shore.


4.5 / 5 stars

A Map For Wrecked Girls is a heartbreaking tale of sisters, survival, and secrets — and the bonds we have with the people we love.

Emma thinks of her sister Henri as her anchor, her role model. But what happens when they wash ashore in a deserted island, along with their secrets, a ruined sister relationship, and a boy named Alex who has his own secrets to keep? Survival isn’t easy as we unravel pieces of their past as we go through each chapter.

Emma feels horrible after what she did to her sister. She meant no harm, she only wants the best for her. To steer her out of more trouble. But what happens when they wash ashore on a remote, uninhabited island with barely any signal and phone battery? When the shock and memory of witnessing death just as they met their doom at sea? Well, they would have to survive, with the help of Alex, who has his own haunting secrets and unusual behavior.

The three embark on an island survival adventure that involves life-threatening reptiles, natural dangers, beautiful island spots, sunburns, of course, the timeless rumble of an empty stomach and paired with a dry throat.

I love this book because it deals with the conflicts we often have with our siblings or family members. We often feel like we shouldn’t talk to them anymore, because for example, they gave away our deepest secret, or perhaps they ruined something for us. But this book tells it the other way around, on the “traitorous person” perspective. We actually learn how we often hurt our loved ones because of our anger. Though I think Emma has a rather childish view of her sister, I adore how she absolutely cares about her and thinks of her half the time.

This book isn’t just full of lovey-dovey romance. Nor is it just about survival. It’s also about sisterhood and friendship and the struggles in between.

A Map For Wrecked Girls is also your ultimate survival guide. Really, guys, I think I learned more from this book than the survival guides I’ve ever read. Why? Because this book puts it in the actual situation. Not just assuming the you made the right choice, chose the right path and the right source of water, but also what if you made a mistake? Or a plot twist jumps out at you? What if you were drinking clean water and then a crocodile jumps out at you? You’ll find this book full of those stuff. Trust me.

Overall, this book is a must-read for everyone. Highly recommended, especially to those who seek adventure within the pages of a book. Shout out to the author, Jessica Taylor, for writing such an amazing book! The perfect summer read, if you ask me. I mean, tropical islands, blazing sun, endless stretch of sea, fish for dinner, and sunburns? Go for it.





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