ARC Review: A Sorrow Fierce and Falling by Jessica Cluess

“It is rare to meet a true lady in this life, much less a true sorcerer. We shall always remember.”

— Jessica Cluess, A Sorrow Fierce and Falling

I would like to thank NetGalley and Penguin Random House International for sending me a free eARC to review! This does not affect my opinion. This book will be released on OCTOBER 16TH, 2018.

Hiya, everyone! I’m back with a review, and this time, it’s for the last book I have come to love and adore. If you’ve been with me on Instagram, you’d probably guessed that any time now I’d be reviewing book three of Jessica Cluess’s Kingdom on Fire series, A Sorrow Fierce and Falling. I’m super crazy for this series, especially the book. Well, here you have it, folks!



It’s time for war.

After suffering terrible losses, Henrietta and Lord Blackwood have led their warriors to Sorrow-Fell, a vast estate where only those invited by a Blackwood may enter–and the ideal place to plan a final assault against the Ancients.

It’s time for a wedding.

Henrietta nervously awaits her marriage to Blackwood, but when the ritual to become his bride reveals a dark secret, she realizes that Sorrow-Fell is not a safe haven; it’s a trap. Convincing the sorcerers of this, however, is not easy. So with Maria, the true chosen one, and Magnus, the young man who once stole her heart, at her side, Henrietta plots a dangerous journey straight into the enemy’s lair. Some will live. Some will die. All will be tested.

In this stunning conclusion to the Kingdom on Fire series, Henrietta must choose between the love from her past, the love from her present, and a love that could define her future. While battles rage, the fate of the kingdom rests on her decision: Will she fall or rise up to become the woman who saves the realm?

It’s time for Henrietta to make her stand.

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My Review:

I couldn’t put this book down. I’m a slow reader, so it was miraculous how I read this book within 24 hours. In one day, I cried, laughed, screamed, and underwent depression more than I have had before. Is it possible to feel this way about a book? Yes. Absolutely. This book proves it.

Conclusions are not exactly as happy as they promise, especially if the series happens to be one of your favorites. A Sorrow Fierce and Falling is no exceptions, it’s pretty much fast paced and A LOT happened.

Let’s start with the characters. Henrietta Howel, to be specific. I won’t give you guys any spoilers, but all I can say is that I’m proud of this girl. A true girl-warrior. Sure, she has numerous flaws. Sure, she overthinks sometimes. But her character development is one of the best I’ve ever witnessed. She’s an outstanding protagonist who has learned to pick herself up from the dirt and keep on fighting.

“You were my favorite apprentice,” he said.

“Wasn’t I your only apprentice?”

“Shut up.”

— Jessica Cluess, A Sorrow Fierce and Falling

I will not forget the other characters as well, my fave boys especially. Magnus (a personal fave), Blackwood, Dee, Wolff, Lambe, and all the rest. No, of course I won’t forget you, Jenkins Hargrove, you blessed duck. You see, readers, this series (Kingdom on Fire) has a wide variety of characters, some or good, some are bad, some are both. But when one character seems like a goodie-woodie, it will, soon enough, find a way to betray your trust. Same goes for the evil guys. You can’t really trust any of these characters, but you SHOULD meet them, sweet friends. They’re once-in-a-lifetime blessings.

“Don’t pity me, my love.” He kissed my lips. “Pity those who never know such happiness.”

— Jessica Cluess, A Sorrow Fierce and Falling

What’s next? How about the worldbuilding. It’s beautiful actually. Victorian London with a pinch–er, fistful–of magic. With disgusting, heartless monsters. Lots of them. Like don’t expect any of these monsters to be kind and benevolent deep inside. Also, this world has such a haunting history and prophecy. It makes you want to declare, “I want to live in this world!”

Did I mention how unique the plot is? I half expect every twist and turn right around corners. Harry Potter plus feminism plus the cool stuff you find in yer fav fantasy books. Book one already had me gasping for air.  Imagine how Book three made me feel. If you ever decide to read this series (YOU SHOULD), please expect a handful of blood-chilling secrets and a bunch of plot twists.

“It was quite adorable, but no one should bring anything lovable into battle,”

— Jessica Cluess, A Sorrow Fierce and Falling

I have come to love the Kingdom on Fire series so much. It all started when I randomly picked up A Shadow Bright and Burning at a local bookstore. Best randomness ever! I have come to love this series within a few months. I’m so sad, so overcome with grief *cue ugly crying* that this series is over before I know it. Too fast, too quick, not enough time. I LOVE this series, and I especially LOVE this book. A Sorrow Fierce and Falling is the best conclusion I could have hoped for this amazing series, which is obviously one of my new faves. I swear it gets better and better, so if you’ve read the first book and didn’t like it that much, please take some time to read Book two, I beg you! If you do read this series, you’ll be doing yourself a HUUUGGEE favor.

Saying goodbye to this series is hard and depressing, it’s like saying goodbye to a family member who’s passed on. However, I’m super excited for any of Jessica Cluess’s upcoming books, and I do hope you guys would read them with me so we can “fandom” all about her books! Until the next time!

“Should we survive this final battle, in the centuries to come, some will speak your name with loathing. Some will speak it with praise.” He gave me a strange grin. “But they will all speak your name, Henrietta Howel. The girl who changed the face of English magic. They will speak your name as long as there are tongues to utter it and ears to hear.”

— Jessica Cluess, A Sorrow Fierce and Falling



My Rating:


5 / 5 Dragon eggs

I’d give it a million more if I could!






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