2018 Achievements + 2019 Bookish Goals & Resolutions

Hello and Happy New Year! I hope your New Year is off to a great start. Have you seen my previous posts?

For this blog post, as the title itself says, I’m going to share the stuff I’ve achieved in 2018 as well as stuff I want to achieve this year.




2018 Bookish Achievements

Okay. To be honest, I’m pretty proud of myself this year. I’ve connected to the online book community after discovering it in late 2017. I mean, sure, I’ve been horribly inactive on bookstagram and this blog several times, but those are outnumbered by what I’ve done, what I’ve experienced and enjoyed this year.

  • Improved my book blog
  • Improved my bookstagram
  • Became more active on Book Twitter
  • Met amazing authors and chatted with them
  • Collaborated with publishers + authors to help promote books
  • Participated in 2 blog tours (soon to be 3!) which is for A.V. Geiger’s TELL ME NO LIES and Emiko Jean’s EMPRESS OF ALL SEASONS.
  • Posted numerous reviews on blog
  • Gained more than a thousand bookstagram friends
  • Completed my Goodreads Reading Challenge of 40 books by reading 42!
  • Reviewed numerous books on blog, Goodreas and Netgalley (some of which are eARCs)
  • Participated in my first online virtual bookish event, LibraryConLIVE 2018.
  • Participated in my first Twitter Chat #FPBChat (featuring Julie C. Dao!)



2019 Bookish Resolutions + Goals

I’m not gonna lie, I have A LOT of bookish resolutions this year. Most of my resolutions is actually book-related. My ninth-grade year is going to be jam-packed with school activities, I have to work on my Science Investigatory Project, and then there’s the normal school pressure (yay life). So for 2019, I want to limit the time I spend on social media and the Internet. Minimize scrolling and maximize posting. And at the same time I want to focus more on school. Lol, does that even make any sense?

  • Read more books involving other languages such as French and Spanish
  • Focus on this blog
  • Reread some favorites
  • Gain more blog stats than last year
  • Try to finish writing a novel (help me)
  • Participate on more blog tours (they’re fun + I get to help promote books)
  • Review more eARCs!
  • Do more creative posts on this blog as well as Instagram
  • Try to minimize Internet time; focus on school + reading + other hobbies as well
  • Discover more online bookish events (because I can never attend one in person; they’re too far away!)
  • Do author interviews!
  • And interview book bloggers, bookstagrammers, sellers, all sorts of book people!
  • Try to conquer my TBR (I’m not so sure about this one haha).
  • Read more Asian fantasy. Especially East Asian. (I’m Asian, I should read more Asian.)
  • Try to receive physical ARCs (digital ARCs kill my eyes sometimes)
  • Interact with more bookish people (comment, DMs, etc.)
  • Get more book boyfriends (I seriously CANNOT get enough. They’re too perfect! HAHAHA)




So that’s it! My 2018 bookish achievements and 2019 book-related resolutions and goals. Apart from blogging about books, I’m going to set apart more time for myself and my family. My life schedule will be busy, but all the more reasons to stop procrastinating (another resolution haha).

What do you do to help you achieve your goals and resolutions? I usually post a list on my desk, or on the door or mirror, to remind myself of the things I have to achieve. I try to force myself out of procrastination. Satisfying as it might be, procrastination is a terrible habit. And not achieving a dream, or goal, can be quite depressing, don’t you think?

So here’s to a productive 2019! Wishing you a great year full of success, joy, and adventure.



What 2018 achievement are you most proud of?

Has 2018 been a productive year for you? What were your fave books that you’ve read?

What are your book-related goals or resolutions for 2019?





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