Liebster Award #1

Hello there!

Guess who’s finally getting her first blogger award?! (pssst the answer is me). I’ve never been nominated for an award before so this is a first. I’m so excited! I was elated when Lili of Lili’s Blissful Pages tagged me with this award. Her blog is one of my favorites and you should definitely check it out. Thank you so much, Lili!




The Rules

~ Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their post.
~ Answer the 11 questions they asked you.
~ Come up with your own set of questions.
~ Tag your chosen 11 bloggers and don’t forget to tell them as well!


Questions from Lili

1.) What do you Blog about?

Books! That includes anything and everything bookish — Book reviews, blog tours, book + author + adaptation news, recommendations, wrap-ups, bookish experiences, and many more.

2.) Who or what inspired you to start blogging?

Good question. Story time! A couple of months into bookstagram, I discovered that several of my friends and followers (especially Filipinos) have “book blogs”. I was just going with the flow at that time and I wanted to discover new things. During my first year of blogging, I wasn’t even active at all — 1-2 posts a month, sometimes even none. Then around November 2018, I just got this weird feeling and then suddenly I was — voila! — a bit more focused on my blog, though I don’t even know why? Haha that hardly makes sense.

3.) What type of blog posts you love to read?

Anything related to books and occasionally, some life hacks, travel, and a little bit of everything.

4.) Any quirk you wanna share to us?

I love smelling my books. I can literally recognize my copy of The Fault in Our Stars by smell alone.

5.) What’s your favorite book of all time? But if you’re not a reader, film or show maybe?

I have absolutely none! I cannot choose just ONE favorite book or series–they’re all wonderful.

6.) What place/country, fictional or real, that you would love to live in?

Fictional: Hogwarts, Prythian, Neverland, Wonderland, Jurassic World (seriously lol)

Real: Victorian London, Scotland, Switzerland, Germany, France, pretty much European countries.

7.) Favorite blog post of yours you want us to read. Why is it your favorite? Leave the link.

This one:

The “Kingly” TBR (2019 YA releases)

I love how random the idea is. I enjoyed writing it!

8.) What is your dream job?

To be a either a neurosurgeon or cardio-thoracic surgeon. How about both? I also want to be a part-time book blogger and (possibly) a part-time fantasy writer.

9.) Any memorable childhood experience you can’t get over with?

When I was a kid, me and my mother were crossing the street and when we were at the other side, I looked up at the woman I was clinging to and realized that it wasn’t my mom at all. I turned around and saw my mother at the other side of the street (she hasn’t crossed yet) and was laughing her head off. Most embarrassing experience ever.

10.) What’s you main goal for 2019?

Blog more but at the same time, try to use the Internet wisely and not just scroll down on Twitter or IG.

11.) Any pet peeves?

Honestly, it depends on my mood.


My Nominees

The Royal Polar Bear Reads

The Nocturnal Fey

Novels and Waffles

Of Wonderland

The Perks of Being Noura

Vicky Who Reads

Remmington Reads

Kait Plus Books

Bibliophile Soprano

Wanderer in Neverland

Wander with Jon


My Questions

  1. What type of blog post/s do you enjoy writing most?
  2. Favorite book / movie genre?
  3. What was the last 5 star book / movie you enjoyed?
  4. What is your biggest blogging goal for 2019?
  5. Got any book recommendations?
  6. Which tropes do you hate most?
  7. What is the first book or movie you think of whenever someone says “squad goals”?
  8. What kind of animal would you be?
  9. If you could choose only one, would you rather be a bookstagrammer, booktuber, or book blogger? Why?
  10. What’s at the top of your bucketlist?
  11. A post you’re proud of that deserves more love? Provide the link so we can check it out!

Thank you for taking the time to visit and read this post!



9 thoughts on “Liebster Award #1

  1. Umairah (Sereadipity) says:

    Congrats! I always smell books too, if it was a perfume I would totally wear it 😂. Also, I hope you become a neurosurgeon/ cardiothoracic surgeon some day!

    Liked by 1 person

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