Interview: Ashley of @rapretzelreads [Bookstagrammer]

Hello everyone! The first interview I’m going to share on this blog is of the lovely Ashley, a bookstagrammer under the IG handle @rapretzelreads.





How did you discover reading, and what book/s introduced it to you?

When I was in Year 4, a classmate of mine brought a Wimpy Kid book. I was so curious about what the story is about that I asked him if I could borrow it. He said yes and I took it home. I read and finished the book in less than two days (which is a big achievement for my 9 year old self). One year later, I asked my mom to buy the whole series for my birthday. She did and got me seven books in the series.

As I grew older, I was drawn to reading sci-fi and mystery books. Then when I was introduced to bookstagram, that was when I started reading contemporaries and fantasies.


Who are your top three favorite authors (alive or dead, writer of any genre/age group) and why do you love them?

I haven’t read that many books yet but I’ve read a few books that stood out from the rest of the books I’ve read.

My number one author will always be Leigh Bardugo. I just really adore how diverse her characters are and how she showcases friendships between those characters!

Second is Jenny Han. Once again is the diversity of characters. Last year was my first time reading a book with a main character that have Asian origin which is TATBILB.

Third is Jennifer E. Smith. She writes YA contemporaries that I would love to reread on my bad days.



Which genres are you most inclined to read and which ones are out of your comfort zone?

I’m most inclined to read mystery/thriller, contemporaries and ya fantasy. I really think classic and non fiction books are not my type to read.



What motivated you to start bookstagramming and what was your first month like?

I was motivated to start bookstagramming on New Year’s Day of 2017 when @sammyreadsbooks posted a photo challenge. My first month was so awkward since I was randomly taking photos of books. I didn’t have a theme yet and my feed looks horrible yet it was good to have experienced something spontaneous.



What sparks up your creativity when it comes to taking photos?

The bookstagram itself sparks up my creativity. I would get inspired by a post or two to do something I haven’t posted yet on my feed. I’ll be like combining ideas that I got from bookstagram.



What do you love most about bookstagram?

I adore how everyone is accepting and positive in the community. I also love how I am able to share and post something I am proud of and be accepted by bookworms!



Have you ever had ark, uninspiring days as a bookstagrammer? If so, how did you get over those?

Yes, I have been to multiple dark days as a bookstagrammer. Lots of things like reading slump, unproductiveness, school projects/assessments and literally just busy days really affect the way I use Instagram. Like for example for the past few weeks, I haven’t been able to post photos daily because of school assessments. I get over it when everything else that I prioritize are settled. I just wait and hope that there will be time when I will be an active bookstagrammer again.



Lastly, what helpful tip/s would you give to fellow bookstagrammers, especially new ones?

I know it would be difficult at first. Just keep going. Don’t ever stop. ❤



Thank you so much Ashley! Thanks for putting up with several days of my relentless questioning and for giving your best along with your answers. Stay bookstagrammin’!



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