Bookstagram Directory

Hello friends! One of my earlier projects in this blog was to create a book blog directory as a way to help shine the spotlight on fellow book bloggers. It's about time to start another project, and this time it's a bookstagram directory. I myself am a bookstagrammer way before I even started this blog. … Continue reading Bookstagram Directory

Interview: Ashley of @rapretzelreads [Bookstagrammer]

Hello everyone! The first interview I'm going to share on this blog is of the lovely Ashley, a bookstagrammer under the IG handle @rapretzelreads. INTERVIEW   How did you discover reading, and what book/s introduced it to you? When I was in Year 4, a classmate of mine brought a Wimpy Kid book. I was … Continue reading Interview: Ashley of @rapretzelreads [Bookstagrammer]