Review Requests



Due to my ever-growing bibliophile life, The Night Faerie now accepts book review requests as well as cover reveals. This page is dedicated to my rules and guidelines for book reviews, as well as other details.

Rules & Guidelines

  1. Book to be reviewed must either be a Young Adult or Middle Grade read.
  2. Fiction only, whether it be historical, fantasy, sci-fi, etc.
  3. Sexual content is accepted, although it must not be excessive, too descriptive, or the topic on which the whole book is based on, as in erotic genre.
  4. Book must be set in English, but English translations of books originally set in foreign languages are also accepted.
  5. Book’s author/s and publisher must be patient while the review is under process.
  6. Of course, authors must be willing to have their book shared in this site, and must not feel offended and/or insulted by whatever opinions I have and the comments the visitors have. If any of the comments or reactions are too violent, however, I will immediately fix the situation.
  7. In return, please help in promoting the review article. I usually promote through Twitter or Instagram.
  8. I have the power to reject a book if necessary.
  9. Physical copies of books for review are prioritized (and highly appreciated), but ebook copies are also welcome.

Review Request Form


Due to my own personal life, it may take longer to post a review. Please know that the author of this blog is busy sometimes. However, I assure you that I work hard for this blog and it is an honor for me to write my thoughts about your book.

Review Content

  • Thoughts and opinions about book
  • Pacing
  • Quotes from the book
  • Some thoughts on the cover [optional]
  • About author
  • Synopsis of the book

That’s all for now. I will update this section as I go on, so stay tuned. If you have comments or suggestions, they are always welcome in the comment section or you can use the Contacts page to message me. Thank you for your cooperation.




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